Lights, Camera, Action!

A few weeks ago Azure Estate was transformed into the backdrop for the Quaker Oats Dr. Buzz Aldrin Ad campaign. During several prep days the property hosted hundreds of cables, plugs, trucks and an army of lights and stands.

Buzz Aldrin Quaker Oats TV commercial

It was fun to watch how 1.4 acres were transformed into a giant TV set that all came together on Sept 21st when Buzz sat down at the Gull House dining room and had several bowls of Quaker Oats in front of a jam-packed set. They later filmed a scene at the Starfish House where Buzz talks about the mission to the moon. The last shot was on the beach in front of the house where the sand was illuminated in a way that it resembled the moon.

La Cantina became the client's room, the green room was located in the Starfish house and the main set was the Gull House. It was a out of this world week at Azure Estate. Another reason why we love to call the Space Coast home!

Buzz Aldrin Quaker Oats Television commercial

Preparing for the Gull House Scene...

Buzz Aldrin Quaker Oats location

The Gull House Scene

Quaker Oats Buzz Aldrin location
Buzz Aldrin Quaker Oats  filming location

The Starfish House Scene

Quaker Oats Buzz Aldrin filming location
Buzz Aldrin Quaker Oats  filmed where

Waiting for the sun to set to film The Moon Scene

Quaker Oats Buzz Aldrin filmed where

The sand in front of Azure Estate never looked so similar to the moon before...

Scenes from the finished commercial
Scene from the finished commercial

Watch the Buzz Aldrin Quaker Oats Finished commercial below:

If you are in the UK you may also view the video below...

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