Azure Estate featured in VRBO nationwide commercial!

It was an honor to be selected for the VRBO beach house ad. We hosted the production team for a full day of setups, wardrobe and action shots. The team followed their carefully planned storyline throughout the day and they meticulously prepared and shot each scene. It is always really fun to see professionals do their work from behind the scenes. Azure Estate was the perfect backdrop for this VRBO beach house commercial as the white sands of the Atlantic Ocean are directly in front of the property. Our guests have ocean views from the house and outdoor grilling and lounging areas and are only a few steps away from the beach or pool. If you are looking for the perfect home away from home as seen in the VRBO commercial, you can book the Gull House (Book VRBO property ID 3870082, shared pool), the Whale House (Book VRBO Property ID 4236076, shared pool) or both homes plus the Cabana bar (Book VRBO Property ID 3946821, private pool).

Watch our beach house in VRBO commercial now.

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